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Tony Macalpine Autumn Lords Tutorial

Hey fellas ! this is as I say in the video a song that has been covered on youtube but only as a performance piece to the cd so believe that there is a need of a regular tutorial on this, also since this song is one of the very challenging Tony Macalpine songs. I will tell you that I have spent many hours, not only transcribing it, but also learning to play it in the correct tempo. When you transcribe a song you often choose a fingering and technique that makes sense to yourself which is also the case in this video. So follow the tablature as a basic reference and decide what makes sense to you and your hand and if something seems to crazy then by all means go ahead and redo the patterns that dont work for you. Finally as you obviously can hear but as I also state in the video the solo is not the one that Tony Macalpine play but one that I truly improvise, so parts of it might sound cool to you and others again may suck :) But I think its important to develop your own ear and learn to improvise so I think you should take the opportunity and do the same
As I also make clear in the video I make use of a wide variety of techniques like alternate picking, economy picking, legato and tapping. The two places where I think economy piking makes most sense again go through it and make your own choices if this works for you as well. Good luck !


Autumn Lords1
Autumn Lords2
Autumn Lords3
Autumn Lords4

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